Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Scorncast | American Reunion

‘AMERICAN’ HORROR STORY | So, you’ve watched American Pie, American Pie 2, American Wedding, and all four straight-to-DVD American Pie spin-off movies — yes, American Pie Presents The Naked Mile is a thing that exists! — yet still you wonder: “How many more ways can sexual curiosity and exploration go horribly, humiliatingly wrong?” Well, don’t die of shock or anything, but you’re on exactly the same wavelength as the Hollywood honcho who greenlit AMERICAN REUNION, a lazy, depressing, defiantly unfunny “romp” that clumsily careens between labored sex gags and gooey relationship schmaltz. On this crusty episode of Scorncast, Jasper and co-host Karim get perturbed by realistic penile bloodletting, contemplate the impossible mechanics of laptop masturbation, and generally try to have as much fun as possible while reviewing a film they really really really REALLY really did not enjoy. Click the Scorncast banner below to listen!

Rating: R. Running time: 113 minutes.

Scorncast #45: High Scorn Reunion (31:50)

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