Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Scorncast | Men in Black 3

PITCH ‘BLACK’ | Remember the hooky refrain from the theme song of the fun summer-of-’97 blockbuster Men in Black? “Here come the Men in Black”? Now, a full decade after the horrendous Men in Black 2, those words seem vaguely threatening. But because unnecessary sequels to dormant movie franchises will never not be a Hollywood fallback, here comes MEN IN BLACK 3 anyway, and Jasper and co-host Ghostface Millah spend this episode of Scorncast navigating through its confounding time-travel plot, kooky story twists, half-assed punchlines, and overall negligible existence. Also: Ghostface laments Rip Torn’s unfortunate new burglary career, Jasper reveals too much when the talk turns to personal “neuralyzer” storage, and the guys agree to disagree about agreeing on the glass-half-somethingness of Men in Black 3. Click the Scorncast banner below to listen!

Showing in 3D and 2D. Rating: PG-13. Running time: 106 minutes.

Scorncast #51: Protecting the Earth from the Scorn of the Universe (30:40)

original music by Bug

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