Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Scorncast | Bridesmaids

WEDDING PARTY | Is BRIDESMAIDS as agonizing as an actual wedding, or is it the best thing to happen to holy matrimony since the open bar? This episode of Scorncast sounds more like a Gushfest, as Jasper and very special guest Ghostface Millah of the Round Table music blog RSVP to this rowdy Judd Apatow-produced comedy and its nimble ensemble cast — especially star/co-writer Kristen Wiig and ace scene-stealer Melissa McCarthy — in the decidedly affirmative. And they don't care if you DO feel sick from eating tainted meats at some seedy Brazilian restaurant. You're gonna choke down that Jordan almond, and then you're gonna click the Scorncast banner below to listen!

Rating: R. Running time: 125 minutes.

Scorncast #5: You May Now Scorn the Bride (26:34)

original music by Bug

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