Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Scorncast | Footloose

IMITATION BACON | Plundering decades past for pop artifacts to update and sell to the teen audience du jour is always a suspicious endeavor, but the practice hits a brand new plateau of pointlessness with FOOTLOOSE: Director Craig Brewer’s remake would nearly be a total Xerox of the beloved ’80s dance flick if not for all the newfangled pelvic grinding that sometimes invades the choreography. Almost paradise? Only if it’s Opposite Day. (And even then, only if it’s ALSO Trite Punchline Day, and those two observances never coincide.) On this episode of Scorncast, Jasper and co-host Ghostface Millah discuss the cash transactions of the good old days, subliminal poster title treatments, and a very strange way to make babies that’s considerably less messy than the one you’re thinking of, you pervert. Click the Scorncast banner below to listen!

Rating: PG-13. Running time: 111 minutes.

Scorncast #25: Let’s Hear It for the Scorn! (32:10)

original music by Bug

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