Monday, June 6, 2011

Scorncast | X-Men: First Class

MUTATION FRUSTRATION | The despondent, dense swelter of nerd disappointment permeates this episode of Scorncast, as Jasper and very special guest Ghostface Millah of the Round Table music blog air their many grievances with X-MEN: FIRST CLASS in an audio recording that could pass for a 35-minute sigh. (And that TOTALLY sounds like something you want to listen to, right?) The guys come close to crying several times, the words “weird” and “strange” get thrown around a lot, and Jasper even manages to bring up electroencephalography, probably to make himself feel smart at a time when all he can do is feel so very sad. It's the weariest, most depressing Scorncast yet, but it does try to answer several crucial questions: Can a metal bed frame crack a lady who's made of diamonds? Just how smart is Beast, anyway? And which two mutants would Ghostface like to get a room already? Click the Scorncast banner below to listen!

Rating: PG-13. Running time: 131 minutes.

Scorncast #7: X-Men Scornigins (35:25)

original music by Bug

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  1. You guys missed the point of the first team - unlike the Singer movies, there are no instructors to physically protect and guide the students so it stands to reason they would be childish, inexperienced, unsure of how to use their powers without role models. Xavier and Mystique's relationship in the movie is built on an older brother/little sister archetype, of course he's going to tell her to stay on plane, what is she good at? This movie gave the mystique character motivation to become a manipulative bitch later on as a jilted outsider and more pathos than Rebecca Stamos could portray.