Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scorncast | Shark Night 3D

‘SHARK’ WEAK | Does SHARK NIGHT 3D do for island vacation getaways what Final Destination 5 did for gymnastics practice, or is it a load of great white shit? Jasper welcomes first-time very special guest Karim to a rectally-fixated episode of Scorncast to discuss whether stupid horror flicks are better played straight or with a smirk. Also: The guys explain how Shark Night is just like Jaws (and Titanic and Forrest Gump), Jasper ponders proper defecation etiquette in ladies’ restrooms, Karim reveals what he has in common with this movie’s non-shark villains, and talk turns to sequel and spin-off ideas involving Olestra, a vengeful canine, and one incredibly unfortunate snake. You know you’re curious. Click the Scorncast banner below to listen!

Showing in 3D and 2D. Rating: PG-13. Running time: 91 minutes.

Scorncast #20: Deep Blue Scorn (27:56)

original music by Bug

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